Successful Home Modifications Based on Data-Driven Decisions

    At LifewiseCHM, we provide a critical link in the continuum of long-term service and supports through the management and delivery of clinically-driven home modifications that rely on data and analysis.

    Our multi-step approach to the home modification process ensures that everyone involved is informed of each aspect of the project.

    The second step of our approach covers the production of a proprietary report that includes a list of recommended modifications, a detailed scope of work and itemized cost information. Such data comes from the findings of the home assessment, which is performed by a LifewiseCHM certified contractor in conjunction with a licensed occupational or physical therapist.

    By combining our medical and remodeling expertise, alongside our reporting, LifewiseCHM provides successful, clinically-driven home modifications to meet your members’ changing needs.

    To learn how LifewiseCHM can support your goals contact us.