Peace of Mind and Direction throughout the Home Modification Process

    What sets LifewiseCHM apart from other organizations in not only our unique blend of healthcare and remodeling expertise but also our technology-driven approach to project execution.

    Our in-house platform, in conjunction with our multi-step approach to the home modification process, allows everyone involved in a project to be informed and aware of any updates as they happen.

    Once the home and member assessment are completed and the proprietary report is produced (to showcase the list of recommended modifications and project scope), the third step of our unique home modification process is to manage all facets of the project.

    From start to finish, project updates and other pertinent information will be uploaded to our proprietary, cloud-based platform, providing transparency into the entire home modification process. Our clients can securely access the platform to view project updates and can communicate with a main point of contact when desired.

    For more information about how LifewiseCHM can support your goals, contact us.