Leveraging Technology to Provide Value

    From the very beginning, LifewiseCHM recognized that technology would play an integral role in leveraging their unique approach to clinical home modifications. The complexity of the entire process was prime for innovation. Armed with years of experience with project management, database development and systems engineering, Jeff Adair, COO, and our team went to work.

    Recently, we connected with Jeff to discuss LifewiseCHM’s technology vision. Read below for a few of his insights:

    What was the initial technology goal?

    Initially, we were focused on creating an app to make it easier for our customers and team to manage member referrals. It quickly evolved into re-engineering the entire clinical home modification process to remove any potential disconnects and provide greater visibility for our team and customers.

    How has the vision evolved?

    Our leadership team has a mindset for innovation, so we remained focused on key areas where technology could leverage our unique approach to the managing clinical home modifications. We engaged a long time partner, Sidekick Solutions, who has been partnering with businesses since 2012 to provide customized technology solutions. Together, we mapped out our entire process, reviewed current off-the shelf software, and gained feedback provided by payors and our team. The result was the development of a proprietary project management platform that supports streamlined connections between all team members, including project managers, therapists, field crews and payors and their members.

    What are a few of the benefits of the LifewiseCHM technology solution?

    Our solution is customized to meet specific needs for each person involved in the clinical home modification process, such as:

    • Authorized users securely access the platform from both Android and Apple devices, even in remote areas with limited internet access.
    • Data management and migrations have been streamlined to provide internal team members better control of the entire process.
    • The assessment process has been simplified. Therapists can complete a member assessment, share their insight with payor and upload information for field crews. Along the way, the home modification is tracked to ensure work is completed on a timely basis.
    • Payors have enhanced visibility into a project’s progress and detailed reports providing transparency throughout the entire home modification process.

     Our platform continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of our customers as they support their members live safely and independently at home.

    Contact us to discuss how LifewiseCHM’s home modification benefit management solution can support your goals.