Keeping Your Members Safe at Home

    During this time of uncertainty, we are continuously monitoring any developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our employees, and customers and their members remain our top priority. Over the last few months, our entire team has been hard at work to ensure we support critical home modification needs. Just a few of the steps we have been taking include:


    • Virtual home visits and assessments.
    • Whenever our crew members need to go inside a home, we perform a pre-visit screening to ensure all safety measures are in place.
    • Crew members wear personal protective equipment (PPE) inside the house, such as masks, face shields, and more.


    Our team is following guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local health organizations and jurisdictions. To make sure there is no interruption in business, we have:


    • Fortified our remote capability for all of our critical communication and project management activities.
    • Assured redundant information systems and cross-training of job duties.
    • Established open communication regularly with our employees and partners to ensure they are aware of and are proactively addressing any potential issues impacting workflow.
    • Mandated and increased all health and safety protocols in all of our operations and with our contractors.
    • We are continuously monitoring our workload schedules to ensure that we service all of our valued customers in a timely manner.



    Even as businesses continue to “open,” we remain vigilant to keep safety and health in focus. Thank you for your continued business partnership and trust. We are committed to helping people remain at home safely and independently through innovative approaches in technology, project management and construction. Contact us to learn more.