Kathy Dodd Tapped to Present to Home Care Leaders

    LifewiseCHM Co-founder and CEO, Kathy Dodd and HomesRenewed Founder, Louis Tenenbaum, presented, “The Role and Benefits of Home Care in Adapting Homes” with Home Health and Hospice leaders presented during a recent National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) webinar.

    During this session, Kathy highlighted to home care providers the importance of encouraging home modifications to support the clients they serve. Clinically-driven modifications create an extension of the home as a place of care. This is highly supported by health care providers and is the type of work that contractors can make happen.

    As a safer space for clients, updated homes also lead to less injured workers, allowing agencies to retain employees longer. In all, the benefits of home modifications cover the whole continuum of care, but there are current limitations to these benefits, including funding and legislation.

    Roughly 80% of people 65 and older own their own homes. Studies indicate that nearly 90% of those homeowners want to age in place. “Many of the houses in the U.S. ARE more than 70 years old, and less than 4% of them are modified in a way that promotes safe aging,” shared Louis.

    Habitat for Humanity estimates that about 19 million seniors are living in homes that are in disrepair or in need of modification in order for their owners to live safely. (source: McKnight’s Senior Living)

    Now more than ever, home modifications are needed. Because of the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, one’s own home has become a highly desired place for aging in place accommodations.

    As LifewiseCHM works with industry partners to create positive change in the health care continuum, we are ready to support your client’s needs. Learn more about our services.